Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Three Angels Auditions

TAPA is celebrating it's 30th year in Tillamook by dusting off our very first play, which was a wonderfully charming piece called "My Three Angels". We are looking for participants who'd like to join in the miracles of our holiday production.

"My Three Angels" tells the story of 3 escaped convicts from France's infamous Devil's Island in French Guyana at the turn of the century. While waiting for a ship to take them off the island, they find a family who needs their help. It's Christmas and everyone finds out that angels don't always wear white.

The cast calls for 7 men and 3 women.

Felix Ducotl - A mild mannered store-keeper, husband of Emilie & father of Mary Louise
Emilie Ducotel - The wife of Felix, mother of Mary Louise
Mary Louise Ducotel - A young beautiful girl in love with Paul Trochard
Joseph - Convict & a consummate forger and con man
Jules - Convict and a romantic who murdered his wife
Alfred - Convict and a strong young man who murdered his uncle
Henri Trochard - A ruthless owner of the shop that Felix manages
Paul Trochard - A heartless & greedy nephew of Henri
Madame Parole - Busybody who never pays her bills
Lietenant - A handsome young naval officer

If you're interested, please call director Kelli McMellon at 503-801-0631. Performances are Nov 26 & 27, Dec 3, 4, 10 & 11.


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