Wednesday, November 3, 2010

MY THREE ANGELS opens November 26th

Thirty years ago, a group of people with a passion for theater decided to put on a show. The play was MY THREE ANGELS, by Bella and Samuel Spewak. The story was about three convicts in French Guyana who decide to interfere with the life of a shopkeeper. It is Christmas, and everyone knows miracles happen at Christmastime.

TAPA is pleased to announce a new production of MY THREE ANGELS to commemorate its thirty-year anniversary of offering quality theatrical entertainment in the Tillamook area. It has been an incredible three decades filled with music, drama, and comedy.

My Three Angels depicts Felix, Emilie, and Marie Louise Ducotel struggling to make ends meet in Guyana. Cheated out of his own shop in France, Felix is now the employee of the man who took his shop from him, Henri Trochard. Trochard is coming for a visit with his nephew, Paul. Felix has no illusions about the visit, and fears it means the loss of everything for his family. Enter three convicts: Joseph, Jules, and Alfred with their pal, Adolphe. Can the situation be saved? It is, after all, Christmas.

The cast includes Al Johnson as Felix, Kimber Lundy as Emilie, Britney Decker as Marie Louise, Keith Barnes as Henri Trochard, Harry Kaiser as Paul Trochard, Zack Smith as Joseph, Sam Kuzma as Jules, and Shane Gass as Alfred. Sylvia Johnson and Weston Walker round out the cast. Adolphe is played by himself. Kelli McMellon directs.

Come get an early dose of Christmas spirit! Performances are at the Barn Community Theater at 12th and Ivy in Tillamook on November 26 & 27, December 3, 4, 10 & 11 at 7:00 pm, and December 5 at 2:00 pm. Doors open one half-hour prior to curtain.

Join in the excitement and special energy of opening night at our “Champagne Gala” celebration. Purchase of a ticket includes one beverage. Advance tickets and reservations are available at Diamond Art Jewelers; call 503-842-7940.


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