Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Hallelujah Girls opens June 6th!

Tillamook Association for the Performing Arts (TAPA), Shear Bliss Salon, Oh My Stars, and Blue Heron bring the delightfully funny show The Hallelujah Girls, to Tillamook opening June 6th!  Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten, the show follows six women from Eden Falls, Georgia as they decide to make a life change and pursue their dreams after the loss of a close friend. Sugar Lee Thompkins, portrayed by Debbie Coon, rallies her friends together and convinces them it’s never too late to change their destiny and improve their lives. The women, consisting of Ann Harper, Becki Wilhelm, Laurie Caspell, and Diane Kreider, reluctantly agree to help their friend start a new business in an old abandoned church. Enter an ex-love  portrayed by Richard Coon, a suitor portrayed by Garrick Gordon, and the wickedly sweet town villain portrayed by Joni Sauer-Folger; mix it all together and the result is a hilarious comedy that will make you laugh out loud and shout “Hallelujah!”.

The Hallelujah Girls is directed by Robert Buckingham, and is

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Starlite Children's Academy applications due June 1st!

Starlite Children's Academy applications are due June 1st! This year's show is A Dragon In The Mix, by Sue Ann Gunn. The Academy will be held the week of July 7th with performances on July 12th & 13th, cost is $25/student for the week. You can find the online application here: