Sunday, July 9, 2017

Auditions: Roses In December

TAPA is looking for a cast for the delightful and witty play "Roses in December", which opens September 15th and will run through September 30th.  This production is looking for two actors - one 50-60 years old male, and one 30 year old female.  Auditions will be held on July 22nd and 23rd starting at 2:00 pm each day at Dance Zone (corner of 12th & Ivy in Tillamook).  Download a sample of the script and the audition packet here.


Lullaby said...
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Lullaby said...

This is great play. I've read a book and liked it very much. I even wrote a review for my Uni about this book. It was very good. just as Trust my paper review. Believe me, you can't miss the chance to see the play. I'm sure you all will like it!